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10 reasons why to test your startup ideas first

What if you could stop wasting your time and energy on startup ideas that will not work? That might sound like a fantasy, but it’s actually possible.

What works for me is to 

A. First build a landing page
B. Get some traffic and capture some email addresses
C. Start a conversation on your idea

Here are 10 reasons why to test your ideas and messaging before you start investing your time, your energy and your money: 

1. Find your future customers (by collecting email addresses)
2. Get people excited about your brand/idea/solution
3. Get early feedback and build a relationship with future customers (using those addresses)
4. Find out out which idea to keep and which to throw out
5. Don’t waste your time on something nobody needs/values
6. Confidently launch your idea/solution
7. Find the right messaging to your audience
8. Collect helpful data use for other projects
9. Understand who you target audience is (so you can create a customer profile)
10. Test how customers will discover your product or service

I can recommend you my favorite digital landing page tools for quickly building a landing pages to start interacting with future customers. They are easy and quick-to-use:

Pick the one that works for you! 

Good luck and enjoy your validations!


Ps. Just leave any new “Landing page tools” in comments below. I’ll add them to the list

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