Innovation Services


1 day Workshops

Hands-on 1 day workshops teaching the fundamentals of validated learning, digital experimentation or Lean startup. In 1 day you will design (and launch) experiments for your project


5-day validation

Bring your business idea to the market within 5 days, for rapid customer feedback. Together we discover the value of your idea.


Innovation consulting

Hire me to help your (startup) team create new products people love and buy. Let's talk how we can work together.

What you can expect from an innovation catalyst

A catalyst bridges the gap between product innovation and execution. Helping you/your team to test, build and launch new products/services, quickly and efficiently.

To create new products and services people love and buy.

1-day Workshops

Starting from €1.000 (excl. VAT, location & travel)

5-day validation

Starting from €9.000 (excl. VAT, location & travel). Price includes digital prototyping & marketing funnel design

Innovation consulting

Project based starting from €5.000 (excl. VAT, excl location & travel)

Innovate faster

Use a hypothesis-based innovation process and extreme focus on instant feedback on your business idea, to reduce the time and costs for your product or service innovations.

Business model potential

Based on the first sales and traction, you get facts on the market size and business model potential giving you insight if you can earn enough for a sustainable future business.

Digital prototype

Have your business idea transformed into a digital prototype, able to make sales.

Customer profile

Initial target customer identified based on experimentation results and sales traction. Translated into a persona customer profile as starting point for your marketing strategy.

No risk experimentation

Experiment live in the market using a temporary product name, in order to savely test your new proposition, without any risk on your existing business.

Digital sales funnel

A market tested value proposition of your business idea, validating the (improved) problem/solution fit of your business idea with a digital sales funnel.