New solutions people love and buy

1. Innovation starts with focus

All innovation projects start with this creative phase to come up with solutions to problems that match your company’s objectives and strengths. We chart the course where you want to go. Here’s exactly what we’ll provide during the sprint:

  1. Ideation workshop (find your solution)

  2. Idea audit (market analysis, strategic fit & advantages)

  3. Innovation scope (customer, problem, solution)

  4. A product development plan (roadmap, sprint planning, team)

2. Validate what people love and buy

Some companies need a new solution developed to offer additional value to their customers. Other projects just need to test new propositions or to validate investment decisions. We create for you a micro business approach to innovation: sell before you build. Services we often deliver:

  1. Digital prototype of solution (people love and buy)

  2. Customer validation & feedback (customer driven development)

  3. Rapid market testing (interviewing & digital experimentation)

  4. Innovation business plan (for resource allocation)

3. Build what you need

We’ll work with you to lay out a comprehensive development plan, properly planning the technical product development. We guide your team to execute the sprint planning and product roadmap effectively so that you execute within budget and deliver the new product/service on the deadline.

  1. Working product/service (process guide)

  2. Distribution strategy (initial channels)

  3. Additional skills for your team

  4. Business model & sales ready

4. We'll handle it

Think of us as your product development department. The management option is a good fit for someone who needs a team dedicated to developing new products & services for their company. In other words, we handle the heavy lifting of getting you new customer solutions, for you to grow your business with. Here are a few of the areas we specialize in:

  1. Solution ideation (finding solutions to problems)

  2. Product development

  3. Digital experimentation & customer interaction

  4. 1-day workshops (teaching lean startup, agile, design thinking)

  5. Design sprints (facilitation)

  6. Train your team (raising the bar)

Innovation consulting

Get an innovation catalyst

A product innovation catalyst will support you and your team, bridging the gap between product innovation and execution. Giving you the spark to create, test and launch new products/services quickly and effectively.