Creating a digital platform for Sustainable homes

Essy platform screenshot

Services provided
  1. Ideation workshops

  2. Idea audit

  3. Innovation scope

  4. Product Development plan

  1. Digital prototyping

  2. Customer interviewing & feedback

  3. Digital experimentation

  4. Innovation business plan

  1. Product development

  2. Product owner to sprints

  3. Team building (skills)

  4. Business model & 1st sales


We were tasked to come up with a solution to help private home-owners make their homes more sustainable. The assignment was given by a financial institution and an energy company, in a joint venture corporate innovation initiative.


Following extensive customer problem validation we build a solution prototype for a digital one-stop shop platform for homeowners to make their home more sustainable. The included energy advice, access to a network of trusted technical partners and financial support.


With a development team (from a Digital Agency) we build a Minimum Viable Product with a smart home energy prediction algorithm we called “Essy”. During the commercial pilot Essy helped homeowners make serious sustainable investments to their homes.