Building a feedback automation app for professional trainers & coaches

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Services provided
  1. Idea audit

  2. Innovation scope

  3. Product development planning

  1. Digital prototype of solution

  2. Customer interviewing

  3. Customer feedback

  1. Working product developed

  2. Customers & sales (recurring)


Having experienced the difficulty of asking for client feedback following a training, assignment or workshop. The decision was made to build an application to (partly) automate this. With access to many professional business trainers the problem was validated through interviewing.


A survey application build specifically for professionals and differentiating itself from existing alternatives with scheduling as key differentiator in combination with multilingual templates fit for business trainers, consultants and coaches.


The working product was build remotely, using a small development team, and launched within 3 months. With security and stability first, the usage was flawless. 1st customers were happy using it; thousands of surveys have been shared and translated into real-time reporting.

Startup project from Menno (as co-founder together with code wizard Karim) in 2018. Currently undergoing a redesign (feedback based) and realigning niche and value. Currently offline