AT8 E-commerce & mobile advertising solutions

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Services provided
  1. Ideation workshops

  2. Product Development plan

  1. Digital prototyping

  2. Digital experimentation

  3. Innovation business plan

  1. Product development

  2. Product owner to sprints

  3. Business model & 1st sales


A requisite for the development of a B2C smartphone application in 2013 was the in-depth understanding how consumers use their mobile phones. How they behave when purchasing goods online and where to find them in great numbers. For this purpose AT8 Media was founded.


With a small team, AT8 Media dove headfirst in the early-stage mobile advertising in order to discover how to optimize paid traffic. Connecting multiple ad sources to numerous web-shops, experimenting to learn how mobile web-shops convert best.


Several e-commerce (recurring) web-shops were developed successfully in the FMCG and Retail area. In addition AT8 Media developed an ad optimization algorithm that was able to use paid advertising effectively


AT8 media made a pivot developing a phone application for international calling in 2014.